Berends, Bill: In My Dreams I Can Fly


Berends, Bill: In My Dreams I Can Fly – StellarVox SV-1212 

Guitarist Berends, best known for his work in the prog ROCK (emphasis on ROCK) outfit Mastermind , has opted for a much different tact on this, his first instrumental rock album. Eschewing the complexities of progdom, and in keeping with the  sentiment of the album title, Berends offers up a slice of 60’s and 70’s vibed classic rock that is hard yet melodic and in your face.

Utilizing the tools necessary for such a venture, classic rock guitars (SG and Firebird) straight into a Marshall stack, Bill has succeeded in sounding as live and in your face as one man playing everything can possibly do. Well everything except drums, provided by Jason Gianni (Neal Morse Band). In keeping with the parameters of this type of project, Jason’s timekeeping is as rock solid and in the pocket as you would expect.

Stylistically, this recalls all that was good in that long ago era, nods to The Allman Bros., Wishbone Ash, Trower, The Winter Brothers, early Santana and yes, there is a tune called Heavy Cream all deftly presented with the vibe , melody and attitude of a time gone by. Wonderful swirling stuff that makes you think about pulling out some old rock and giving it another listen, bravo for that Bill. Now I need to get a Firebird!

Yes Bill, you can fly and we look forward to the next chapter in your saga, this one was splendid.

Rating: 4/5

Track Listing:

  1. 1)In My Dreams I Can Fly
  2. 2)Rock-A-Rama
  3. 3)Remember When
  4. 4)Heavy Cream
  5. 5)The Belvedere Bop
  6. 6)In a Quiet Place
  7. 7)Dream Rider
  8. 8)If Man Were Meant To Fly
  9. 9)The Longest Winter
  10. 10)Paper Planes
  11. 11)To Days Gone By
  12. 12)The Long Road Home

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