Liverani, Daniele: Eleven Mysteries


Liverani, Daniele: Eleven Mysteries – Lion Records LMC327

Daniele, perhaps best known for his incredible work on guitar and keyboards with bands such as Khymera and Twin Spirits unleashes his first solo effort in almost ten years with this scintillating guitar dominated effort.

The opus starts off fiercely with Mysterious Impulse and does not let up for one second.  Daniele has opted for a more upbeat happier vibe than one generally finds in conceptual neo-classical work, and this makes for a great listening experience with Daniele using his incredible technique dynamically to enhance tunes where he generally seems to want to set up a simpler melodic pattern, somewhat like Satriani does. If fact, like Joe, Daniele’s lead lines often display a vocal character within the songs.

Also, Daniele leaves plenty of room within the tunes for Tony Dickinson (bass) , Marco Zago (keys) and particularly Paco Barilla (drums) to stretch out and shine.

Because this is an instrumental concept album , dynamics and atmosphere must be expressed solely within the music and Daniele and the gang have done a wonderful job of that using composition, performance and track sequencing. This is a splendid piece of work and hopefully we will not have to wait another ten years for Daniele to grace us with another guitar opus!

Rating: 4/5

Track Listing:
1. Mysterious Impulse
2. Inspiration
3. Nervous Forces
4. Supreme Gladness
5. All Is Pure
6. Giving
7. Humiliation
8. Regeneration
9. Freedom
10. Survive
11. Eternal

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