Havok Summer 2014 Interview

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Read up on Havok, and you’ll quickly learn that they just might be the hardest working metal band to circle the planet!  Buy one of their records and you’ll learn why people are flocking to their shows.  Catch a Havok show for a guaranteed great time, killer set, high energy vibes, and more than likely, a very stiff neck the following day! Watch a couple of interviews and you’ll soon find out that the band is made up of  highly talented, driven, intelligent people.  Each member brings something special to the band, on and off stage.  They are witty, well-informed, articulate and gracious.

I was stoked to have an opportunity to chat with Michael, David and Reece when they played Montreal this summer.  It was great to catch up again.  Only 8 months since our last interview and they had so much news and so many stories to share.


Next time we meet, we’ll get Michael to give us a gear tour so we can learn a little more about what drives the bottom end of this incredibly quartet!  I can hardly wait!

For tour dates, and more information on Havok visit  their Facebook page or their official site:





Michael Leon -Havok

Michael Leon -Havok

David Sanchez - Havok

David Sanchez – Havok


Reece Scruggs – Havok

Pete Webber – Havok

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