Meet Denis Chang


Loudguitars was very pleased to sit down with Denis Chang, gypsy jazz guitarist extraordinaire and owner of the video lesson emporium DC Music School on the auspicious occasion of Denis having finished production of the long awaited Jason Becker Style instructional video.

You see Denis, while growing up, embraced all types of guitar playing from classical to full on shred and if you peruse the available content on his Music School site you will see many styles of music are covered. During his misspent youth, he became very interested in the technique and playing ornaments that young Jason Becker so skillfully displayed at such a young age. It was only logical then that Jason’s style, one that has never before been adequately covered or explained be one that Denis was anxious to cover. That proved to be quite a difficult task to complete, as you will hear during our interview.

Sit back and relax and learn more about Denis Chang, DC Music School and the inimitable style of Jason Becker!


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